It's been a long time...

12 months in fact. Yeah, we know- it doesn't feel like it to us either. After an incredible past year, we've gone from a small wordpress blog to a fully functioning online publication, and that makes us feel pretty good. From interviews with Vic MensaSPZRKT, London's very own Hannah FaithSh?mJamz Supernova... And lets not forget that interview with Skepta. It's been quite the rollercoaster here at COZY HQ.

When I started COZY, I never imagined it would get to where it has. The fact so many people have been on board from the beginning is amazing to me, and I thank everyone for their support! It's not been easy, and I've spent many hours early in the morning / late at night (depending on how you look at it) editing content and trying to build the mag, but it's been worth it and I've loved every moment. (Well, almost every moment..)

In just a year, we've showcased the talent of artists like Vasilisa Forbes, DelaDeso and Kay Davis. We've been to Glastonbury, to Boom Bap Festival, given you guides to some of our favourite European cities in ItalySwedenFrance, reviewed our favourite restaurants and more... We partied with Mass Appeal magazine in NYC, teamed up with the Age of Luna to launch their mixtape, and we're even headed back to the states in a few weeks to bring COZY to LA.

And it's only the beginning.

Tomorrow night, we're throwing an impromptu first birthday bash at our home, Notting Hill Arts Club. We'd love to see everyone there, and we'd like to thank each and every one of you for all the support you've shown us during the past year. None of the above would have been possible without you, so THANK YOU! I'd also like to shout out everyone who has helped either through content creation, or general advice.

Specifically, I'd like to thank my team, both old and new. So thank you Jesse, Barbara, Katerina, Olivia, Kris, Fraser, Eric, Viv & Taylor. I'd also like to extend a HUGE thank you to Sade for helping organise ALL our events, and to the rest of my girls Hannah, Christina, Mercy, Sophie, Alice, Kelly, Clarissa, Sarah and Erin for your continued support during this past year! Oh, and shoutout to my mum, my dude, my boss and the rest of my colleagues for always believing in me! (cliche I know haha).

Joining us tomorrow night we have the incomparable up-and-coming singer/songwriter Kémi Adé, supporting the one and only Denai Moore. We have MTRNICA and Helios on the decks, and special guest Eric Lau spinning some of his favourite tracks. It's going to be a mad one and I'd love to see you there! Details below:




Much love!
Neela x