COZY had the chance to catch up with one of New York’s most wanted female Dj's, Quiana Parks, who has built quite a career for herself Djing at several events and venues. Now, she decided to share her story so far with us... 

CozyMag: You’re best known as a DJ but you’re a lot more than that. You’re a creative force. How does your art define you? How would you describe your art?

Quiana Parks: My art is me. I put it all out there on that canvas. I love what I do. My art is my everything. 


CM: What motivated you launching Dj For A Cure and what is it exactly?

QP: I wanted to tell my story about being a Cancer survivor. But I felt no need to do so unless I somehow used my own story of surviving cancer to help others who are going through what went through. I put together a group of DJs to help me raise awareness about blood cancer. So far we've put together art shows, parties and even a game night. We work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and its so fun! 

CM: If you could pick a theme song for your life what would it be?

QP: That's a hard one. There are a couple of songs that come to mind. 

1. Grace Kelly- Mika

2. If 6 was 9 - Jimi Hendrix

3. Golden - Jill Scott

4. Zoom - Commodores. 

I used to think "All Falls Down" by Kanye West but I'm past those days. 


CM: Do you think it is hard to be a female Dj in a male dominated industry?

QP: No. A year ago I did, but that was when I only DJing for a few months. I eventually realized it wasn't difficult because I am a girl, it was difficult because I was new and I kinda sucked. But now... No it's not hard especially when you work hard and become just as good if not better than some of the guys.

CM: What was your favorite gig you have ever done?

QP: DJing at the Museum of Modern Art. That was a surreal experience. 

CM: Who do you look up to? Who or what keeps you inspired and gets you going on a daily basis?

QP: I look up to my family. They keep me going they're all such amazing people. They all inspire me in different ways. Especially my Mother and sister Qyera.

CM: What music do you have on repeat currently?

QP: Faded by Zhu

CM: Can you share some tips for people just starting their Dj career?

QP: Practice Practice Practice and have fun. 

CM: Where can we find you?

QP: @quianaparks on IG and Twitter :)

Listen to Quiana’s latest mixes on SoundCloud:


Images from Quiana Parks’ Facebook.

-- Words by Barbara (@ByBarb_)