1) André Cabrera Lisbon based iPhoneographer, designer and explorer.

I met André via Youtube a number of years ago and I've been following him ever since on multiple platforms. However his Instagram is the one that sticks out for me.

He avidly uses the VSCOcam app on his phone for all his uploads to instagram;  having mastered his iPhone and also his DSLR he has an incredible clean feed.




2) Emily Gray

16 year old Wiltshire, England based iPhoneographer – having also mastered her iPhone, Emily has developed her own signature look upon her feed. Heavily faded tones which slightly desaturated colours. Resulting in a beautiful feed for someone shooting solely on an iPhone.

Instagram: @emily.grayy

Twitter: @emily_grayy


3) Steve Booker

Steve is a men's fashion/lifestyle and travel blogger from Surrey, England.

Having followed Steve's Instagram account for the past year or so, I've essentially seen his style develop over that period of time. Having switched from shooting on an iPhone 5, to a Canon S120 to a Canon 7D – he has upped his quality game massively.




4) Hayden Zezula

Hayden, aka Zolloc is an American born animator & GIF artist from Austin, Texas.

I recently found Hayden's account after stumbling across a GIF of his on Twitter. Instantly I was drawn to his account for his photos of his Frenchie, Milly. (Who also has an Instagram account: @little_millicent)

After looking through his account I've determined that he doesn't have a set style of upload like the others mentioned; none the less, his feed is more than attractive to the eye.


Twitter: @Zolloc


 5) Calvin Pausania

Calvin is a Dutch Visualistand founder of the cxlvins.com platform. Having been following and speaking with Calvin on a professional and personal level for a number of months now, he never fails to impress me.

When he told me he was shooting for ADYN solely on an iPhone and only doing a few DSLR shots, I was amazed.

Calvin has gone on to shoot for many more people and also create some beautiful artwork. Calvin's feed is a representation of his daily life, but also his current moves within the design and photography worlds.

Instagram: @calvinpausania

Twitter: @calvinpausania


Words by Kris (@krisjxnes)