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COZYMUSIC brings  you the 5 Soundcloud accounts you should be following- and why. 

 1. Conehead 

Who is he and what does he sound like?

Conehead is a 25 year old Taiwanese hip hop producer, he describes his sound as “ sample based ambient downtempo hip-hop” - Which if those words and his alias aren't enough to entice you to give his music a listen, then nothing will!

Why should I follow him?

His abstract/distorted sample use, along with his low-fi drums will set the mood for any night of college/uni work or even a night in with some friends.

Listen to this Conehead track below.

2. VBND 

Who is he and what does he sound like?

Devon Gunn, better known as VBND is a Canadian producer specialising in those popular future trap vibes. With remixes of Marvin Gaye, Cashmere Cat, Ciara and more uploaded to his account, as well as original tracks such as 'is u single?' and 'Estate', Devon proves he has developed a solid sound.

Why should I follow him?

If you're a fan of kawaii sounding synths but punchy trap inspired drums then he's the man for you! He also knows how to chop and pitch vocals perfectly, which adds a new dimension to what would already be a beautiful instrumental.

Listen to this VNBD track below.


3.  Nekolye

Who is he and what does he sound like?

Nekolye is a New Zealand born producer, hailing from Auckland. His sound is somewhere between Atu, Ekali and Charles Murdoch. His sound incorporates a mixture of soft piano keys, orchestral instruments, along with low rolling subs and percussion based drums.

Why should I follow him?

His sound is perfect for those late winter nights, the chilled vibe from the softly touched piano keys and the low subs are a match made in heaven. Overall, if you enjoy laid back beats, then you'll like Nekolye for sure.

Listen to this Nekolye track below.



Who is he and what does he sound like?

SOLBOI is an American born producer, specifically from North Carolina. In terms of his sound, he's focused towards future RnB, chilled out beats; similar to those made by Stwo.

Why should I follow him?

If you're a listener who likes to have a repertoire of both chilled yet complex tracks to vibe to then SOLBOI is for you. Although his tracks are mainly slow tempo and chilled, his use of 808's is remarkable.

Listen to this SOLBOI track below.



Who is he and what does he sound like?

FORTUNE. is a producer straight outta' Los Angeles, California. He's one of the producers I've been keeping an eye on who seems to have blown up this last 6 months or so. His tracks mainly consist of heavy 808's but with melodic undertones – meaning they have a very addictive affect on someone who owns a sub and doesn't have many neighbour.

Why should I follow him?

Not only should you follow FORTUNE. to hear his music but also to do yourself a favour. Once you begin to dig through his Soundcloud you'll find a new love for 808's and a whole other bunch of sounds coming out of Flow-Fi. (the collective/label he co-founded)

Listen to this FORTUNE track below.

-- Words by Kris Jones. (@krisjxnes)