Goldn, a relatively elusive artist, brings us his debut album PinkFuck. Although it was released back in October 2014, there’s no one genre the album can or should be placed in. It’s R&B, jazz, soul and pop but most importantly it’s eclectic. “I made the backing tracks, recorded all the instruments, wrote all the lyrics and all of the parts for the features. I designed the artwork, the visuals and the logos. I like to have as much creative control as possible,” Goldn told us. With themes of growth and vulnerability, PinkFuck proves to be one of the most undeservedly slept on tapes we've heard.

PinkFuck is seamless in its craftsmanship and every track appears to have its place. There’s no grandeur on PinkFuck, it’s all laidback and contains an airy element to it.

When I listen to it, I imagine playing some old school video games like Kirby or Spyro the Dragon.  That’s not to detract anything from this body of work that's just how relaxing the album is. There’s no escaping the similarities PinkFuck shares with Frank Ocean’s nostalgia, ULTRA. In the sense that there are common themes of relationships and reflection, not to mention musical compositions. “I went through a series of life changing events over the past few years. I think 2014 felt like a real Truman Show year for me. It got me sick of working in a box and in a system, where everyone is just doing the same thing over and over again, the whole industry that seems to be holding my passion has become very boring to me, which is upsetting. I like to always try and do the unexpected. So I panicked a bit and released my own album.” The aesthetic of the album is certainly personal and much of that warmth is evident in the cover artwork.

With the Pokemon samples on ‘6am’ and Malcolm in the Middle on ‘7am’, there’s an ode to waking up early to watch Saturday morning TV. The album naturally becomes nostalgic, in some parts it takes you back but because of it’s obscurity, you can’t recall a particular moment. On ‘Acanthus’ the vocals feel distant on this track in particular, it brings the jazz nature of the song to the forefront.

‘Jus say it’ offers the pop element to PinkFuck. The melodies are at their sharpest on this track, with the production sounding perfectly sparse. It doesn’t at any point feel as if there are any fillers, making it a stripped back and minimalistic album.There were also features from Woodgrain Vicious’ AKIRA who co-wrote ‘akiraxgoldn’ and Kayleigh Ramchand who provided vocals on ‘Jus say it’, ‘Naomi’ and the aforementioned track.

PinkFuck is a DIY album first and foremost. The musings of someone who grew up in the internet generation, creating something in your bedroom with your childhood and surrounding acting as inspiration. “I composed this entire project in my bedroom using nothing but my second hand keyboard I took from my old school, my cheap old laptop, and my glitchy Cubase 4 software. I taught myself how to channel my raw talents, musical skills and creativity, and make something good that sounds like a whole bunch of people made it.” Although, it’s too early to call just how much attention Goldn receives for this sublime project, it’s worth giving it a listen, for the artistry alone.

Download PinkFuck here:

Words by Jesse (@MarvinsCorridor)