Angela Ricci is a truly classic artist and each musical morsel from her is always a blessing to hear. Isn’t It Funny (La Vita é Bella) follows on from Angela's last single, Lazy Love, and this time she’s back with a more up beat offering to get fans grooving whilst welcoming in the sunshine. Produced by Aaron Paul, the track is infused with a laid back funkiness that lends itself both to mellow listening and a groovy bop.

All in keeping with the timelessness of her music, the song's subtle live musicality provides the perfect backdrop to allow Angela’s delicate falsettos to shine throughout. And her sweet tone compliments the song’s story of keeping oneself in a contented place whilst traversing through the peaks and troughs of life and people.

Immerse yourself in La Vita é Bella and stay locked for more from this songstress.

Words by Ranako (@NarkiP)