Alt—native is a newly founded design collective with a passion for challenging our general interaction with music. The team are spread across Europe and have already worked with the likes of Atlantic Records and Universal Music Group in their personal endeavours. With roots deeply embedded in the music industry alt—native raise the bar for designers and creatives involved in the music industry with their debut conceptual release ‘So Help Me God'. 

With this project alt—native explore the possibility of a Kanye West - So Help Me God release whilst challenging the traditional method of releasing an album. By including a wide range of media the project sets out to connect with fans like never before. Whilst it also includes current methods of promotion, such as online and digital presence, the focus is on physical interaction and product through an exclusive ‘collectors edition' package which all fans would kill for.

“We aim to provide music releases with their own identities, exclusive products, dedicated imagery and relevant interactions. The platform then provides music releases with an atmosphere that enhances, elaborates on, and compliments the audio content.” - Josh Millgate (alt—native co-founder).

Follow alt—native on Twitter , and check out the project in its entirety on their Website.