Ash Evans is a UK based graphic designer and illustrator. His work is based around ideas that are influenced by objects, emotions, and spaces he encounters on an everyday basis. Able to create outstanding pieces on various mediums, Illustrator and 3D programs are his preferred tools. 

When COZY asked him about what he's been working on and his plans for the future, he said:

My recent pieces are based on streetwear and current topics of conversation. I've been out of my comfort zone lately and its more about creating something that I feel is important for me rather than the audience, if they like it... cool. Art has no boundaries. 
2016 is a good year so far been lucky enough to work with TDE’s team as well as getting my own company off the ground. I hope to get this moving within the next few months, with some good clientele as it stands, offering all means of design. 

You can find more of Ash Evan's work on, and follow his Instagram and Twitter feeds.