At COZY, we love seeing artists mix media in creative new ways,  art- a way of expression, a medium used to manipulate creativity, the collision of both the creative mind and the passion of the soul, and music- an overwhelming series of musical notes that flood our ears with lyrics that capture the soul.

To me, these two things always have been a luxury of life- An escape from reality and into the unknown.  The same way an artist finds joy in the paint on his/her canvas is the same way a musician finds his/her lyrics the inspiration to their sound, their work of art.

Fly art Productions is not only just a blog that showcases the merging of music and art, but it also gives a new spin to the way an audience will observe and receive an art piece.  A project, as it's creators say, that was born out of "boredom, frustration and the internet"- has definitely gone further than their expectations.

Woman eating (c. 1665), Gabriel Metsu / I Am A God, Kanye West

His assertion of Hip-Hop lyrics onto well known Renaissance paintings can be perceived as humorous at times. For example, I do not think the painting by John collier ‘Lilith with a snake, 1886’ of a nude female who is entwined with a snake, most specifically an anaconda was thinking of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” song, but then again, who knows?- It gives the viewer a new perspective and of course a laugh.

Spirit of the Dead Watching (Manao tupapau) (1892), Paul Gauguin / Blame Game, Kanye West

Fly art productions has given a new meaning to art, a new method to observation of art, a new approach to aesthetic and of course a new beginning to music.- Fly Art is the marriage of two of the finer things in life: Hip hop and art.

The false mirror (1928), Rene Magritte / Embrace The Martian, KiD CuDi

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-- Words by Annie Ihonor (@annieihonor)