Merge together the contemporary edginess of New York and the traditional culture of Cote-d’Ivorie and you get Loza Maléombho. 

The Brazilian born designer was raised between Africa and the United States, inspiring the multiculturalism that is so present and alive within her garments. 

Loza’s passion was ignited at the age of 13, from the most important women in her life; her mother and aunts, and their own relationship with fashion. Since then, Loza moved to the United States, graduated from the University of Arts Philadelphia in 2006 and like many creatives, she ventured off to New York to gain experience in the industry and interned for designers such as Jill Stuart and Cynthia Rowley before deciding to start a brand of her own in 2009.  

Another thing that makes Loza Maléombho so special is the fact that her first manufacturing headquarters is based in her native Cote-d’Ivorie, rather than the manufacturing heavy weights such as China and India. Not only does this allow Loza to have more control and flexibility over the production of her garments but it’s also enabled the designer to provide jobs and empower young women from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as showcase Cote-d’Ivorie’s growing artistry. Loza also works closely with local artisans who weave the Kente by hand, ensuring that her clothes are of high quality, authentic and most importantly, unique.

Loza Maléombho is a wonderful fusion between the two contrasting cultures, marrying traditional African prints and patterns with the modern silhouettes you’d expect of a Manhattanite designer – check out her SS15 collection below and see for yourself!

All images belong to Loza Maléombho


 Words by Taylor-Dior Rumble (@XO_TDR)