Deep inside Queens, NYC you'll be able to find all sorts of people and cultures, one of these people is Wayne Edwards (aka blkwave) a photographer who's unique eye and style of shots has been slowly gaining him recognition online. I had the chance to chop it up with Wayne via email for an interview with COZY MAG. 

COZY MAG: What's good Wayne?! To kick things off, I've gotta ask you the most repetitive questions out there, how did you get in photography/the scene you're in now?

Wayne: I got bored just before my last year of school, I had the opportunity to leave TX and I did. I had a little guap so I bought a ticket to NJ. That was around November 2013. I didn't have a camera so I borrowed my friend Nadiya’s t2i and I used it to document whatever I came across.

I saw a little post on twitter about a pop up in the city and decided to go but I ended up going extremely early (I'm a early guy) that's when I met the big bro Millz and he introduced me to Tyler Grosso, Luka, Heem ect. they were all super hype about the photos I took. I remember them saying I had "the vision". After that I just connected with the shop owners and things grew from there.


CM: What do you currently shoot with?

W:  I have a pretty big camera collection with vhs-c, vhs's, film, dslr's and some rare ones, but my 600D and a Yashica are my mains.


CM: Now that those are out the way! In terms of your photography and people you've worked with, what would you say is the shoot you're most proud of?

W: I honestly don't know, I'm really picky about my work. I make sure everything I upload I love and I'm 100% proud of it. I'd never upload something I personally didn't like. I'm proud of all my content.


CM: Being based in Queens, NYC, do you think moving from New Jersey has helped you progress?


W: When I resided in new jersey it was fairly easy to get to the city and do whatever I wanted, be wherever I wanted and be out for however long I felt. I remember leaving my house every day around 12pm and just exploring and hanging with friends, then I'd end up not coming back home till 7am the next day.

I used to walk a lot too. but the thing is I wouldn't want to explore other boroughs because it felt too far and subways are time consuming especially after 12am; I also knew I'd get lost.

Now that I live in Queens I've gone all over New York. You wouldn't catch me in the city every day like you would be able to back then, I love Queens and residing here definitely helped me progress. Shouts out to Fredo. (@verbalabuse007)

CM: Your work is heavily based around the lifestyle of young people in NYC. Aside from that subject, what else do you shoot/would like to shoot?

W: I'd like to shoot for people and brands that I love and look up to, that's a major goal of mine, to be able to work with people I think are “the gawds” and I bangs with heavy. Hopefully they dig my work and we can make some history.

CM: Aside from photography, what else do you enjoy doing?

 W: I skate, I love skateboarding (I'm a sk8 fuck 4L) I used to film skating. I just started designing for this indie brand “authentic”. I'm also apart of the “Cutial ltd” team, we're planning some nasty stuff. I've been getting back to filming videos, it's pretty fun. I like to be behind the scenes in my extra work.

CM: Finally, do you have anything you wanna add on to this interview? Any shoutouts or anything?

W : Yeaa! Shouts out to to my dad and mom, Natisha Yerr! Fredo, Heem, Nadiya, Grace, Guccigreen, both Matts, Biscuit Haytham and Kirrah Rongini, Gin, (that b*tch ass n*gga) Mr Banjo (that said I'd never graduate) and Prosper USA dub! Dusty Debt, Taye Black and all the homies too. #yyk #ins #me

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Words by Kris Jones (@krisjxnes)