A couple weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and was thinking about my then-snowed-in New York homies. I dug up my phone from under the bed and texted Elijah D0minique, who is a photographer from Maryland, currently creating in New York. No surprise, as a true artist he was still up at 4am. With 10k+ followers on Instagram, and having recently been published in The New York magazine, COZY had to catch up with the man behind the camera. We talked about Drake, photographers we adore, work and life itself.

COZY MAG: Hey d0m! How Are things going? Congratulations on the Drake picture!

Elijahd0m: Hey what’s up, things are good and thanks!

CM: That’s good. I just had my 1st fashion week shoot. What about you? What’s the next move?

ED: That’s dope. I didn’t do much for fashion week here [New York], you gotta get invited! And pretty much just working with a few people on a couple of new projects. I have this idea for a new portrait series which will be a whole new and different concept.

CM: New portrait series?! I can’t wait to see them. I saw you did something for FADER magazine as well right?

ED: Yes, I did work with FADER. I hope to keep working with them.

CM: Do you shoot film? If I remember correctly you have a Chinon film camera — which I also own — right? To be honest I've started to love it more than digital.

ED: Every film photographer says that! I really don’t shoot film. Well at least none of my work on social media is film I work strictly digital. Even though I always wanted to shoot film. I haven’t really taken the initiative to make that move, but soon.


CM: What do you think the future holds for you? I really hope you’ll have Drake in your portfolio.

ED: I’m 20 now so by 25 I want to be established and on my shit. Constantly working and making moves, travelling to different countries and just creating. Lowkey, I’m trying to work something out with Drake. It’s funny cause I was on the subway thinking to myself like if I had the chance to photograph and take portraits of Drake, how would I do it?

CM: I got the answer: Naturally! It’s in your veins bro.

ED: Right! Don’t over do it. Keep it simple yet different, people have no choice but to fuck with it.


CM: Facts! There are times when I doubt myself… like on a daily basis, then I see others making it and that motivates me.

ED: I go through phases when I doubt myself and won’t touch my camera for weeks. Then I’ll remember that there are people that really fucks with what I do and that keeps me going, that and my family. I've got the fear of being stagnant. I hate the feeling like I’m not going nowhere with what I’m doing…

CM: Who’s your favourite photographer, or the one you're inspired by the most?

ED: Right now I’ll have to say my favourite photographer is Bruce Davidson, Terry Richardson and Hannes Caspar. They are really amazing. But I have a ton of photographers that I really like. That I follow on flickr, tumblr, and instagram. Because they inspire me.


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