Alex Carey-Morgan, otherwise known as Jaikhan Art is a 16 year old artist who is already making waves on the net. Based in the UK, he began making his pieces in July this year while studying for his AS levels- and despite being fairly new to it all- the creator has amassed more than a thousand followers online.

At COZYMAG, we're committed to sharing amazing content by young creative individuals, and Jaikhan Art ticked that box perfectly. Check out our interview with the man himself below.

COZYMAG: So, talk us through the process of creating a piece.

Jaikhan: I’m still new to the process, but began working on my art earlier this year. I create my pieces using adobe illustrator predominantly but also adobe Photoshop. Each piece varies in the time taken but normally, I spend around 6 hours on each piece. All of my pieces so far work on geometric shapes.

CM: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

JA: I wouldn’t say that there is any one thing that inspires me particularly, the internet plays a huge role though. I can spend hours browsing through Instagram, tumblr as well as many other blogs. Online, I find things that give me inspiration- however most of it is fashion based as that’s a huge part of my life.

CM: Who would you say your favourite artists are? 

J: My favorite artists are constantly changing. At the moment, I’d say Kaws, Keith Haring, Anish Kapoor, Chuck close & Leonardo Di Vinci.

CM: What about your favourite musical artists / designers that influence your work?

J: I’d definitely  include Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Jeremy Scott, Martin Margiela Nigo, Pharrel, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Childish Gambino, A$AP Rocky… And the list continues!

CM: It’s great to see the scope of your inspiration. Do you stay involved with the art scene when you’re not online?

J: Yes definitely! The latest art show I went to see was the Sigmar Polke exhibition in the Tate Modern, which I enjoyed and would suggest going to.

CM: Dope, we’ll check it out. What about your plans for the future?

J: I’m definitely going to focus on getting my work printed properly. From there, I want to start to expand into clothing design.

CM: Well- we’d definitely buy something with your work on it! 

To see more of Alex’s work, follow him on instagram here.

Interview by Barb (@ByBarb_)