It's been a while since we last had an Artist Spotlight on COZY, a feature where we shine some light on some of the most inspiring creatives around the world. This week we sat down with Joshua Drakes, a Manchester based graphic designer & digital artist who uses both colour & texture to convey his message through mind bending imagery.


COZY MAG: How would you describe your artwork? What tools do you use to create it?

Joshua: I'd describe my work as fragments of my mind. As each piece represents my vast imagination. My main tools to creating my work is Photoshop.


CM: Talk us through your creative process. How long does it usually take you to create a piece of work?

J: Usually my creative process involves reading a book to first find inspiration. Then, creating the idea in my head is a random process. Sometimes I can go straight into Photoshop with no ideas at all or I can come in with at least 4-5 ideas at once. The longest it's taken me to create a piece of work is a whole day- but most are done within at least an hour or so. 


CM: Has art always been a passion of yours? When did you make the decision to really commit to creating?

J: Yes, art has always been a passion of mine, from a young age. Growing up in my house, there was a lot of art which inspired me at a young age. From the vinyl's my mum had to VHS covers.

 The decision to commit myself to creating more was about 5 years ago when my mother became ill. I needed something to take myself out of the reality and I was already creating at the time but wasn't FULLY commited to creating my work.


CM: Do you have any other artists/designers that you are inspired by? 

J: Of course! As I always say, artists like Dali, Warhol and Basquiat just to name a few. And for the current generation of artists, people like Ron English, Mr Brainwash and also my fellow designers who I've worked with over the past year or so.

CM: Where do you take inspiration from? We see a lot of flowers and other natural themes in your work, does nature inspire you?

J: Nature is a big part of my work, as I find using nature in my art adds a layer of elegance to it. To me, nature is inspiring to look at.

CM: Where do you hope your work will take you? Are there any projects you’d like to work on?

J:  I hope that my work takes me onto bigger heights, I hope it takes me across the world and eventually I'll find it in some of the best galleries in the world.  There aren't many projects I'd like to work on as of now, as I'm fully focused on taking my digital art to higher heights. But if there was ONE thing I'd like to work on... I'd love to be involved with Art Basel in Miami.


CM: Do you have any advice for other visual artists who want to start out?

J: The only advice I can give to artists is BELIEVE IN YOUR ART AND YOURSELF.


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