Paige Spaulding is an artist from Bethseda, Maryland- a suburb just outside of DC. We found her stuff on Instagram and ever since we’ve been huge fans. The striking colors used in her pieces are sure to grab attention- and her eye for bringing interesting subjects to life is something we too share. We caught up with Paige recently to learn more about her motivations and her digital form of expression.  

Cozy Mag: When did you first become interested in art? Have you always seen this as a career option?

Paige Spaulding: I have always been interested in art and yes and no, I have always wanted a career involving art since both my parents do, but I never thought I was good enough to be an artist until my junior year of high school.

CM: Coming from an artistic background- Have you always been a digital artist? Or do you work with any other media?

PS: No, actually digital art is pretty new for me, I took photography classes, music classes and basic studio courses throughout middle school and high school but I always failed them, it wasn’t until I found digital art that I actually became good at something.

I’m interested in fashion and at the moment I mainly work with denim! I hope to expand that when I go into college.


CM: Are there any other artists that you are inspired by? Do you draw inspiration from anywhere else?

PS: Of course, I’m a huge fan of random artists I find through Tumblr and most of my ideas that spark from looking at other artists work. The internet is everything to me.

CM: How useful has the Internet been in helping showcase your work?

PS: Immensely useful. My high school has an arts festival at the end of each school year so I usually have some work put up there, but my instagram (@paigespauldingart) is my main showcase and I usually post some stuff on too.

CM: Who is your favorite artist?

At the moment Nick Thomm is a biggie for me.. maybe also Sara Andreasson, Andy Warhol is a classic, Dylan Kubic’s (@shoppleth) technique inspires me a lot and Tyler Spanglers work is insane (literally) but I vibe with it.

CM: Well, that was a few! We’ll check them out. How would you describe your art?

I think the first word that pops into anyone’s head when they see my work is colorful, I like to mess around with whatever colors look good together and a lot of the projects I consider to be strong usually start out as just an experiment. Also I like to think of things that people haven’t seen before, and then bring that to life.

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Words by Neela (@Foxyneela)
All Artwork by Paige Spaulding.