With a recent co-sign from Drake, the Barf Troop are taking the internet by storm. A mix of beat makers and musicians who all met on Tumblr, The Barf Troop are a group of badass females unafraid to break boundaries. Barf Troop is made up of it's founder, Babeo Baggins, and her "filthy" girl gang members Babenstein, Baberella Fox, Babe Field, Babe Simpson and Babelien.

This recent release comes from Babe Simpson, the cotton-candy haired MC who entitled the track "Martian" effortlessly spits a multitude of verses that deliver every time. With production from The Internet's Matt Martian, the record starts strong and only gets better. Martian only lasts just over a minute, but it's enough time for Babe Simpson to showcase her skills as a lyricist to be reckoned with.

The bouncy, playful jam is packed with punchlines and makes for a song you'll have on rotation this summer. Check it out below & follow the Troop, we expect big things!