BLKSUNCHILD is a 23 year old rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. After following his musical journey for the past few months, I knew he was an artist with real integrity. His latest release, "Low off the Hii" which was preceded by his EP "Hii on the Lows" is a piece of work that reveals a peek into the the soulful, psychedelic nature of BLK's mind.

Of the 7 track EP, our favourites are Afrikan Yogurt, Vice City and Bohemian Roses featuring Kiya Lacey. The chemistry between BLK and Kiya is evident as Kiya's smooth vocals atop BLK's emotive tone work together in harmony to create a sound that instills a feeling of calm in the listener. 

Throughout the EP, BLK's influences are evident, having grown up listening to blues, jazz, neo-soul, trance and HipHop, there are elements of each genre within every track. Especially Bohemian Roses, which has a smooth jazzy sample that this writer had on rotation all week!

Spreading a message of both love, positivity and more poignantly, of a celebration of ones melanin- BLKSUNCHILD's flow is intimate, laid back and interspersed with his own extended vocals. BLK's vibe along with excellent production on the EP, featuring Indie Chris, Mark Akash, Pink Slip, JWT and Samurai Del make this work something both timeless and organic. Put simply, this is an essential for any HipHop head who needs some easily listening with a pure message to vibe out to.



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Words by Neela (@Foxyneela)