Job Jetson is what I’d call an all-round musical artist. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI- Jetson has been writing and recording music since the age of 12. We caught up with him to feature his new track “Cheeks”.

When asked where it all began, Jetson tells us “[I] started in a basement with 2 boom boxes with cassette decks and would play an instrumental off one boom box and record into the built-in microphone on the other boom box.” From that point on, he began writing music of a variety of genres, hip-hop, pop, rock and R&B to name a few.

Currently, Jetson owns and works from his recording studio in Milwaukee. He tells us that this is where the track “Cheeks” was born. “[It was]  a record I was working on in June of this year, I’d finished the first verse and kind of sat on the record until August when I was down in Atlanta, GA promoting my music and working with a few peers. A childhood friend of mine, Pizzle, was also in Atlanta and had been working with a well-known Atlanta producer named Honorable C-Note, who recently released his mixtape From Then 2 Now hosted by Diddy. C-Note asked Pizzle if he had any records to get played at a gentlemen’s club in Atlanta, and he didn’t at the time, so we decided to put him on the Cheeks record and give it a test at a club called Pin-Ups .”

Having got such a good response form the record, now at almost 57,000 plays on soundcloud- Jetson decided to push the track as much as he could. Currently, he’s working on the music video, which should be out in a month or so.

Check out more from Job Jetson on his soundcloud here: JOBJETSON

Stream “Cheeks” Below.


Words by Neela (@foxyneela)