COZY went to Bologna, Italy for its 10th annual chocolate festival, ‘Cioccoshow’ and we weren't disappointed.

As Italy’s food capital, Bologna hosts dozens of food festivals and events every year including the infamous Cioccoshow. Chocolatiers came from across the country to showcase their chocolate creations to crowds of thousands during the 5-day festival.

From traditional chocolate recipes to more experimental treats, there was truly something for everyone. Highlights included hot chocolate made purely from melted chocolate and cream (heavenly!) and an unusual yet wonderful chocolate kebab.

We were amazed by what could be made from chocolate alone – shoes, various animals, cameras, cooking utensils, ‘chocolate’ salami and tortellini to name but a few. Exhibitors treated members of the public to many a free sample. We certainly took advantage of this…

Alongside the array of stalls and exhibitions, Cioccoshow ran it’s infamous ‘Chocolate School’ offering courses led by professionals on the history of chocolate; how to create your own chocolate pieces; and easy home chocolate recipes.

Although Cioccoshow will not be gracing Bologna’s city centre for another year *cries*, you can look forward to ‘The Chocolate Festival’ taking place in London from 12 – 14 December 2014.

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Words by Olivia Odubanjo (@oliviazao)