Last month, the vibes were at an all time high at the first COZY MAG Vibe Summit, held at Camden's Jazz Cafe . We were treated to incredible live performances from Its Nate, Louis VI and of course, Los Angeles' Joyce Wrice, in her European debut show. Not to mention sets from Soulection's Hannah Faith, alongside New York's DylanTheGypsy and London's Jake Milliner and Yasmin!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be going in depth with each of our live acts, Louis VI, Its Nate and Joyce Wrice. Get to know them, because 2017 is their year, just listen to Complex, The Fader, and Clash Mag! For now, we'll leave you with some of the best bits from the last show: 

Visuals by Krystal Kneuvill

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