UK artist Danny Seth is making unprecedented waves in the rap scene.

Having worked with the likes of A$AP Ferg and G-Eazy, Danny Seth is keen to have his voice heard. Also associated with the London collective Last Night In Paris, Seth adds some British flavour to the trap sound in his latest track The King’s Speech.


Produced by his long standing collaborator MD$, The King’s Speech sound is dark, with an energetic flow to match. Perhaps what’s most striking is that Seth is keen to strike up a dialogue with fans. With his new mixtape ‘Perception’ on the horizon, he tells COZY what fans can expect to hear, “Diversity. I'm really reaching out of my elements and trying new things, there's some really personal story telling tracks as well the ones you may expect to hear”.

King’s Speech is majestic and bold, however it is also a warning. “I think I just wanted to vent some stuff and say to everyone, I'm here and I ain't planning on going anywhere”, says the rapper.

Danny Seth is letting fans know that although he may be a Brit, they aren't the reserved folk that they are known to be.

Listen to the track below & follow Danny Seth here:




-- Words by Jesse (@MarvinsCorridor)