An international producer and DJ, Full Crate is making waves in the music scene both in the UK and further afield. With an upcoming show in August with friend of COZY's, Jamz Supernova, we thought we'd catch up with the man behind the music to learn more about him. Full Crate will be playing alongside Jamz Supanova, Midas Hutch, Lee Millah, and frequent collaborator Mar at Future Bounce x Rock the boat at Birthdays in the 5th of August, tickets are available HERE now. We've also got an exclusive COZY mix from Full Crate at the bottom of the article, enjoy!

COZY MAG: For some of our readers who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a little bit about yourself, also what’s your worst habit?

FULL CRATE: Hey, I’m Full Crate, living in Amsterdam, traveling the world and creating music I love. My worst habit is trying make everything as amazing as possible, meaning that I can spend way too much time on a lot of little details that some people would not even notice. 

CM: With a name like Full Crate I’d like to think you’ve got an incredible collection of records, what’s the most obscure record you own and how did you come into possession of it?

FC: I have been collecting records since I was a kid (me and my dad still buy records). It’s tuff to say which one is most obscure. I def have a thing for original samples. I’m a huge Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Premiere, and Pharell fan, so anything they sampled I always try to find. I used to buy a crate of records without knowing whats in it and it would have the most epic jazz or folk music I would sample. Once one of the random crates had a ‘War Of The Worlds’ Soundtrack and that is such an amazing record. 


CM: What was the song or project you heard that made you say, “Yes, I want to make music”?

FC: I think D’Angelo's ‘Voodoo’ album played a big part. That’s when me and Mar would jump behind instruments and try and create stuff. But so did Slum Village. I remember hearing ’The Look Of Love’ and it gave me the chills.  

CM: I read in a previous interview that you’re a classically trained pianist. How much of an impact has this had on your music?

FC: I grew up with it, so I think somewhere deep down it’s part of me, but to be honest, I haven't played anything classical ever since my studies. I do still listen to classical music, but mainly for relaxation. 

CM: What’s your creative process like, do you need to be in a certain mood or environment to work on music?

FC: I usually just start. Sometimes with vocals, other times with drums or keys. My fav way is if someone has a vocal idea. I can work anywhere, once I have the idea I need to start working on it asap. So sometimes I’ll create ruff drafts (DILLA) on my iPhone. 

CM: What’s the inspiration behind ‘Island Girl’, how did you link up with Bluey?

FC: It’s actually a funny story. I have always been listening to allot of dancehall and reggae music and been DJ-ing it since day one, and that warm feel has always been present in my music. So I wanted to create a song, a warm beautiful positive vibe, that represented my vision of an ‘Island Girl’. After I had made the first version of the beat, I posted a 15sec snippet on Instagram, a few days later Bluey hit me up saying he wrote a whole song to that `15sec loop' (true story). So he flew over to Amsterdam and we recorded the vocals and finished the whole thing. 

CM: Also, the Section Boyz ‘Bando’ refix is crazy! Besides Bluey, are there any other UK collaborations we can look forward to?

FC: It’s funny, I never thought my Bando remix would become this known. I mainly made it for my own sets and now every festival I play I hear my version being played every hour (lol). 

I definitely have been working with a few dope people form the UK. But that’s something I would like to keep for myself for now, and when it’s ready the world will hear about it.  

By Glenn Lewis

By Glenn Lewis

CM: I saw a clip of your b2b live set with Jarreau Vandal, which looked insane! How do you and Jarreau Vandal come up with your sets?

FC: Jarreau is the homie. Recently we’ve been doing allot of b2b sets. And each time we try to make them bigger. Last month at Rock The Boat we added live drums to the set and played along on two sets of decks + drums inside a cube that lit up. We usually go into the studio and start working on a lot of edits, making new versions of our own songs and flipping our fav records into club mixes. Then we put the set together and actually go thru the whole thing, from the live drums to the lights. We wanna make sure it’s something people have never heard before. 

CM: You clearly love travelling the world plying music for other people, but what do you listen to when it’s just you chilling? What’s in the current Full Crate personal rotation? 

FC: I listen to a lot of different types of music. It kinda depends on my mood. I make a lot of Spotify playlists and play it while chilling or on the road.  ‘In My Room’ by Jacob Collier is amazing (listen to it literally every morning), also allot of Motown stuff. I also listen to a lot of current R&B and HipHop music. From Zayn to Bryson Tiller, lots of Kendrick and Anderson Paak. And at times I listen to Snarky Puppy and Cory Henry. 

CM: What else can fans expect from you in the second half of 2016 and beyond?

FC: I am currently finishing my upcoming EP called ‘Pleasure Pools’ and working on allot of remixes, edit and new songs for 2017.