With an array of festivals cropping by the dozen every year, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to separate the wheat from the, you get the drift. However, Outlook Festival in Croatia is one of the few that has been considered consistently one of the best. It’s repeatedly given a platform to underground music when others seldom will. Perhaps it’s the mud and rain being traded in for the sun and beaches that has given it such a status. This year’s festival sees a host of the world’s hardest artists perform, from the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Angel Haze to Novelist and David Rodigan. We look at the artists on this year’s line up and why you should see them.

Little Simz

However you define your success, being the first independent artist to make a Forbes 30 Under 30 list is worthy of recognition. Little Simz's sincere, heartfelt yet direct approach to rap has made her one of UK music’s most treasured artists. Her debut album, 'A Curious Tale of Trials and Persons', and it's candid themes added with her energetic performances make her one of the artists worth seeing at Outlook this year.


At the start of the year, no one realised just how much of an impact Kano’s 'Made In The Manor' would have on UK grime and music in general. With east London’s landscape changing by the day, due to gentrification and displacement, the album poignantly honed in the life of east Londoners who have seen the area at its most lowest and highest. Since the album’s release, Kano has adopted a more retrospective approach to his shows, reminiscing on days of yesteryear whilst looking to the future of grime.


The political climate in Europe hasn’t been this uncertain and unstable for years and the result of the EU Referendum has already begun to have dire effects on the UK and the rest of the continent. Music has always been one of the outlets to express frustration with governments and the establishment and recently, Novelist has been using his voice to do this. He’s publicly supported Jeremy Corbyn at a time when he’s being alienated by the British media and he’s inspiring a young generation of girme fans to do the same. If you’re feeling a bit anarchist, Novelist is an act worth seeing.

Section Boyz

When it comes to UK rap, no act is making the scene more turnt than south London’s Section Boyz. Bringing out Drake to a sold out crowd at London’s Village Underground was arguably one of their biggest moments and for the first time, they were able to see the reach of their artistry. There’s probably no better place to live the Section lifestyle than on a beach in Croatia.

AG the DJ

Ideally there should be more female DJs and artists on the line up, but hopefully this is something that is acknowledged and rectified next year. Nevertheless, one worth seeing is AG from London who has been steadily building a platform for herself and emerging as one of grime’s best DJs. Having been featured on grime’s elite stations such as Radar Radio and Rinse FM, AG is an act you have to see.