You may remember Alcatrz as one of our first COZYMAG artist spotlight features, as an experimental hip-hop artist with strong views on the scene here in London. You may also remember Vasilisa Forbes, a visual artist we interviewed in another early COZY MAG piece.

Imagine our joy then, as we learned two artists we pioneered almost a year ago have collaborated on a new project, a single off a new EP, "Digital Pop" from Alcatrz. The duo teamed up on a new music video for Alcatrz, entitled "F Your Feelings" and its a colourful, provocative visual we can't take our eyes off. Inspired by Vasilisa's project, WAXCHICK, F Your Feelings is an upbeat track, with a catchy chorus that is almost impossible not to sing along to. We caught up with Alcatrz to find out more about the collaboration. Check out the video below: 

COZY MAG: What was it like working with Vasilisa Forbes?

Alcatrz: It's been an amazing experience working with Vas. Prior to the making of 'F Your Feelings' video, I came across directors that just didn't understand my vision or just delivered me with not good enough visuals. I remember the first time I saw a massive billboard of her in Shoreditch, wearing a latex outfit and I thought to myself ... Who the hell is this chick?? She's dope. 

A few days later, I read an article about her WAXCHICK campaign on Dazed, and I just wanted her involved in my project. At our first meeting, we got along so well and we just established a good relationship. We spent a good couple of months planning the shoot and all creative aspects of it. When the day eventually came, the shoot went perfectly and the rest is history. I will definitely be working with her again in the future.


Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 17.18.03.png

CM: How did you come up with the concept? 

A: The whole theme and concept of the project, both the EP and the visuals was to portray POP art. Bright glossy colours, POP art references and quirky sexy outfits.

I wanted something fun to juxtapose the theme of the record, which is me basically going off at this girl for being a psycho lover. I also wanted Vas to incorporate some aspect of her campaign into the visual. We just wanted to create something fun.


Watch the Video below