The Electric Tees brand sits under Blank Slate Inc, a fashion incubator with their own brands based in the heart of Shoreditch. Run by Kuben Edwards, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, Electric Tees recently released their unisex recycled organic graphic collection. Consisting of a playful mix of tongue in cheek graphics on both sweat-shirts and tees. 

With an upcoming collaboration with Depop, and other projects on the way, we're excited to see this new wave of sustainable streetwear at the forefront of fashion. Kuben tells us "With everything happening in the world today, our resources are running out. It's a huge thinking point you know. We need to care about these things, where our goods come from. People can become so selfish and indulgent." 

It seems that the trend of sustainable fashion is one being pushed by the younger generation. Kuben says "Younger people care more, they're leaders in the fashion industry, changing the way we think, the way we buy and the way we style ourselves. We all have a social responsibility to the world, and society is changing."

Electric Tees is a sustainable fashion brand who have recently launched their new collection. We caught up with them recently and shot some of our favourite pieces. Peep our feature on Electric Tees on the website, coming soon.

Models: Adrienne & Zikale

Styling: Kuben Edwards

BTS video: Eric Stilo

Photography: Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid