Born and raised in Hackney, Eliza Rose has been writing and singing her own songs since the age of 15. Years of working Saturdays in a record shop exposed her to a wide range of musical styles and helped develop her unique vocal style. There is a smokey seam of Soul, Blues and Jazz running through her music. She has an aesthetic influenced by a love for the glamorous, damaged heroines of the American stage and screen- whilst retaining a quintessentially British wit and writing style.

Eliza Rose is not a retro act, but rather a modern singer determined to bring back seductive Soul and music with a strong sex appeal. Her first single is a cover of T-Pain's 'Up Down (Do This All Day)' that has been turned on it's head in collaboration with producer MK. Her first release 'The Moonshine EP' will be out in February 2015

Watch her first visual piece here:

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Words by Nick Bam (@NickBam)