Lusciously tumbling riffs intertwined with the undeniable energy so innate to African drums is the overwhelming flavour that blesses you when listening to Natty’s latest single, I’m Alive. Having a reputation for being a powerful song writer can often detract from focusing people’s attention on the sound, and yet, I’m Alive’s vibration is so immersive that before the first lyrics even kicks in we’re drawn into a head bopping, heel tapping reverie. And the lyrics, I leave it to you to reflect on them past their obvious meaning but anyone who pays close attention will truly cherish every breath, sight, and moment past that point.

Release The Fear, Natty’s second album, is due out February 29th and I’m Alive is an encouraging testament to the uplifting musicality and perspective that’ll be present throughout the project. And if the visuals for the rest of the project are as eye catching as this example, then I’m confident Release The Fear, alike to Man Like I, will simmer in public conscious for a long time to come.

Stay locked for another legendary record for the culture and go see Natty live to feel the vibe for real!

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Words by Ranako @NarkiP