Who remembers those days in middle/high school when we made a circle pit on the dance floor to shield our friends from the wrath of parent and teacher chaperones? That zero tolerance policy for freak dancing was brutal. So here's a second chance to get your groove on, since many of us missed out on that opportunity back in the day.

I spoke to Repeated Measures who is based in Sendai, Japan about how the 'No Freaking' project came to be and his creative process, he had the following to say:

'No Freaking' is 6 ghetto tech // juke remixes of my favourite 00's anthems, dedicated to middle school teachers, wall flowers, fascism, and awkward boners. The beats and bloops were produced entirely on the 2003 Electribe Music Station by Korg (which is fancy talk for not a computer), with the exception of a few bloops on track 4 (which were recorded off a Korg Minilogue, also not a computer). Side note, naw I'm not sponsored by Korg, but if they heard this EP that'd probably change lol..... <3 There were zero digital midi drums or synthesizers used in the creation of this EP.

Go ahead and relive your younger days for a second. Download the album to get the 'MMYV' bonus track.

Words by Taffy Gees @taffygees