The future beats scene is fast growing into an unstoppable movement, with independent labels like Soulection and Future Beats Records bridging the gap between bedroom producers and DJs creating and curating the niche sound, and commercial audiences. Soulection now have a home on Apple Music’s recently launched Beats 1, which is just one of the many examples of how the genre is picking up rapid (and well-deserved) attention.

The pool of producers emerging from the underground scene can be overwhelming – you only need half an hour on Soundcloud before you’re drowning in its depth – and arguably there are very few who stand out within the movement. 19-year-old Salute from Vienna is an artist that falls into this small number.

Many people may not have heard of 37 Adventures’ young, new signing. The Brighton-based talent has recently been warranting some of the aforementioned industry buzz, with his latest track ‘Colourblind’ – featuring one of Awful Records’ most exciting gems, ABRA – receiving Huw Stephen’s seal of approval on Radio 1 after he debuted the track on his show last night.

That’s not Salute’s first instance of radio exposure. In early September, he released his debut double-A single ‘Castle (Magic)’ and ‘VXV (Way We Do)’, which has been praised by fellow producer Karma Kid on his Radio 1 show. ‘Castle (Magic)’ merges intoxicating bass with grimeesque synths and a delicate looped female falsetto.

You can imagine Stormzy jumping on the beat with one of his famous freestyles and climbing into the Top 20 with it. It’s both energetic and refreshing; qualities that will make this a choice drop in a DJ set.

‘XVX (Way You Do)’ has more of a gradual build of sound, as we are introduced to stringy synths and layering of textures, which ultimately drops at about 1 minute and a half in, with an almighty boom of bass that made me double-take (like four or five times). In true Salute fashion, the female looped vocal complements the hard-hitting drop.

The two tracks are a fantastic tag team for Salute’s debut release, and his follow-up with ‘Colourblind’ identifies that he didn’t just get lucky the first time round. A lot more mellow with its vibe, and ABRA’s melodic singing feels like the most natural addition to the track – especially since Salute seems to enjoy adding a touch of femininity to his music.

At 19 years of age, the air was filled with piercing hangovers and a looming uncertainty for my future. Salute isn’t doing half bad for himself. In fact, it’s a very promising and exciting start to his career.

Words by Katerina (@Kat_Anasa)