20 year old George Muncey embarked on a collaborative project with two other artists (Tyler Reed and Maciek Wysoczanski) he met online. The outcome? YOUTH, an ethereal piece of work featuring photography and illustration offering a reflective depiction of the "youth" of today. We caught up with George to find out more about the passion-project, and his view on the creative culture today.


COZY MAG: Hey George! so tell us more about yourself. Where did it all begin?

George Muncey: Hey! Well, I just turned 20 and I'm a university dropout, trying to claim myself as a photographer and videographer instead of getting a real job. It has it’s ups and downs, I’ve only been freelancing for nearly half a year now, and I somehow haven’t ran out of money yet…




CM: How long have you been a photographer and where did the idea for the project come from?

GM: I bought my first camera when I was 11 or 12 with some inheritance, and took it everywhere with me. Since then, I've been taking pictures of anything and everything. But in reality my work has only recently in the last year to 6 months become something that I am coming to be proud of. Professionally, I’ve been working since I was 14, so I guess that’s the real answer.

The idea for YOUTH was a random thought one day whilst scrolling through instagram and thinking that some photographs with integration of artwork would be awesome. By the end of that day I’d assembled the whole team and finished mood-boarding and finalised concepts. Without a doubt I’ve never moved quicker on a project, everything just seemed to click into the right place.


CM: What do you think about the collaborative culture within the creative community at present?

GM: Frequently people don’t realise if they just united and put their minds together they could create something above and beyond the norm. There are plenty of people collaborating, and I’d love to push that as much as possible, not only is it fun to work alongside each other you can sometimes achieve so much more.



"Frequently people don’t realise if they just united and put their minds together they could create something above and beyond the norm." – George Muncey


CM: Tell us more about your experience working alongside other creatives of different crafts? (Artists for example)

GM: I think I could quite possibly be one of the worst artists in the world. I’ve never been able to draw, paint or sculpt anything. My handwriting is even barely legible. So when I first started working alongside Tyler and Maciek for this project I honestly had no idea about anything they were doing, other than it looks awesome.

So I just left everything to them, I only know how to take the pictures, they’re going to be much better at organising the art side of things. The most important factor to me in the collaboration is that everyone is as important as each other, I made sure that everyone helped shape the project’s outcome as much as one another, three minds is better than one.


CM: What does YOUTH as a concept mean to you?

GM: In it’s simplest form, it’s just three young guys capturing five young guys and girls, trying to put our own spin on it. Everything has been attempted to be stylistically similar and consistent throughout. The project itself doesn’t have a particularly deep meaning, it’s more so about working together and collaborating for me.


CM: Will you be working on more collaborative projects in the future?

GM: Artist collaboration is something I would love to continue pursuing, however finding the right project to work on may take some time. At the moment I’m working on creating some bodies of work as a solo artist, amalgamating some different creative elements I wouldn’t normally be labeled under.

What I think would be really cool to make is a project collaborating with artists very similar to myself as opposed to different. Working with other photographers would be really cool, just figuring out how to make it work right may take me a while.

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Interview led by Neela (@foxyneela)