A quick foreword – although this is my freebie of the week pick, you can pick this tune up on a name-your-price basis. Go ahead and chuck a few beans towards the artists.

Amid the recent flurry of musical collectives skyrocketing to popularity throughout 2014, one artist in particular has fronted material for a number of them.

Maryland native Emmanuel Osemene, AKA Dirty Chocolate, has been an integral part of new age cliques Moving Castle, Peachboiz and most recently the strange and exciting Kitty Krew – he is rapidly becoming an easily recognisable name in the Soundcloud bedroom producer scene.

Having only begun to gain real traction in 2014, I know from working personally with him that his unique brand of video-game future beats were not crafted overnight. Far from it, in fact – though his moniker is merely two years young, the music has no doubt taken countless anime and weed fuelled all-nighters to perfect.

If he alone doesn’t get your engines running, throw in his regular partner in crime Cavalier. The 16 year old wonder kid, hailing from Long Beach California, recently spun out FUSE – a truly special collection of tunes for someone of such age.

The tape drew critical acclaim from followers and fans both old and new, and he capitalised on the attention with the similarly magical ‘Everything is You’ and ‘4hundred’.

Like many of the duo’s tracks both solo and collaborative, Dream Sequence has no trouble in immediately slapping you across the face with welcome feelings of intense nostalgia. Personally, I was filled with adolescent memories of exploring Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda; The Wind Waker. You however, may perhaps fondly remember the dreamy sounds of Animal Crossing or one of the many other Nintendo titles that bore extraordinary scores. You may even feel nothing at all… nothing, but pure love for the beautiful sounds occupying your mind.

I try not to gush, but after watching Dirty Chocolate evolve from his early sounds to the likes of Dream Sequence, I feel I must. After only having (somewhat) recently discovered Cavalier, this song in particular does flood my heart with great joy as I witness two truly incredible minds coming together to work towards a pure purpose. Dream Sequence is special – the synths rise and fall dreamily throughout, combining intimately with the percussion and somewhat haunting vocal chops that allow you to evade your day to day troubles and escape to somewhere else. And after all, isn’t that what music is really all about?

Look out for these guys – and I mean really look out for them. Peep the links & listen below to keep up to date with their exploits.

Words by Fraser (@3RDMXXN)