As I let out a sigh and peer out of the window towards the sky that has become a palette of dreary greys and ponder upon the anti climax that was Friday morning’s solar eclipse, the GUTTERDUST X NICCE LONDON collaboration offers a refreshing form of tropical escapism for a brief moment. 

Gutterdust is the creative baby of the Belgium born multi-disciplinary artist, Andy Wauman; the creative platform focuses on his photographic and film projects as well as his sculptural works. 

The vividly enticing visuals of the collaboration are what I imagine a modern day take on Baywatch would be like, however it would instead be set in the Hamptons, with direction provided by Spike Jonze, of which of course the angle would be a critique on Tumblr culture, but anyway I digress.

The minimalist one-pieces compliment the vibrancy of the enticing glimmers of the Indonesian jungle within the background, offering an engaging series of images that are aesthetically pleasing and playful. This is further reinforced by the layering of the images and the candidness of the chemistry, proficiently captured between the models on film.

check out more work from Andy Wauman here 


Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Production by @lovebalistarz

Models: Aida Shojaee & Aleksandra Tarasova

Art Direction/PhotographyGutterdust


Words by Sandra Falase (@musingsandtea)