For the few who don't know of her, Hannah Faith is a London based Selector signed to LA label Soulection. She's been spinning for almost two years now, and has seen her success soar. We caught up with Hannah to find out more about her in her last interview. Check that out here.

For many fans, her recent departure from Soundcloud came as a huge loss to the music community, but have no fear, Miss Faith is back with her latest mix, Blue Moon. A 36 minute long musical masterpiece. 

We checked in with her about her newest selection:


COZY MAG: Welcome back! How do you want people to feel when listening to Blue Moon?

Hannah Faith: The mix was mainly made to let tie pass by. I want listeners to feel in a trance as they follow the melodic sounds.. Its for sunny days and gloomy days.

COZY MAG: Whats your favourite track on the mix?

Hannah Faith: Definitely the Marvin Gaye Pazmal remix. I love a good remix that's not too forced.

COZY MAG: Where will we find your music in the future?

Hannah Faith: Mixcloud! Soundcloud hurt my feelings by deleting my account, so I am now a loyal user of Mixcloud (Whoop!) 

COZY MAG: Awesome! Thanks for the good vibes! 

Look out for Hannah Faith as she has any plans in the works for the end of this year and onward.