I love to discover inspiring talents from far and wide so when I came across Beth’s work on the Internet, I knew I had to ask her some weird and some not so weird questions. It's always nice to see ladies from around the world making moves in the art scene.

Shortly after the crazy uni deadlines, I had the chance to catch up with the only 20 years young artist, Beth Mellett. Originally from Liverpool, she’s now pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at Camberwell in London.

COZY MAG: What are you doing at the moment?

Beth Mellett: I've recently taken an interest in performance art. This has come around from using my body and photography in response to a project about architecture and space.

CM: How would you define your art?

BM: I think that my art recently has been confessional and in ways it's been me testing myself and challenging my personal thought process. I'm interested in relationships, what is reality/what is false and also the internet and physical space

CM: How would you define yourself in relation to your art?

BM: I'd define myself as an over sharer and over thinker for sure. The line between my personal life and opinions - and what I make art about has almost disappeared since coming to university I think. I'm not afraid to express myself in what I make and I hope that by doing that it will make other people think about their own opinions.

CM: What inspires you and sparks your creativity?

BM: As I've already mentioned my personal experiences feed into my artwork a lot, if something happens in my life or I see something that changes the way I think I instinctively want to talk about it and discuss with others - sometimes its not something that you can talk about easily. That’s when it often becomes art for me, or begins a snowball in my head (or sketchbook) that leads to new ideas and questions.

CM: Top 3 fav artists?

BM: Some of my favourite artists are; Thomas Hirschhorn, Dan Graham, and Jenny Holzer.

CM: What’s your favourite or the most inspirational exhibition you’ve been to date?

BM: I visited the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam last summer and I think it’s one of the best art galleries I've been to. They were showing a huge Matisse collection, even though it doesn't link directly to my work it was amazing to see his cut outs in person. More recently I saw Dan Graham's 'Present Continuous Past(s)' at Tate Liverpool, being able to be a part of one of his installations introduced me to his work and has inspired me since.

CM: Are you planning on doing your own exhibition in the near future?

BM: We have a small end of year show in mid May for all of Fine Art at Camberwell, just a night of open studios, which is what I'm currently working towards. However, there have been talks with the people I live with about putting on our own exhibition at some point, we just need to get organised and save to rent a space!

CM: What is your favourite holiday destination?

BM: Amsterdam last year was amazing because I managed to see a lot of art and enjoy the city, I think from now on I'll be visiting more European cities so that I can go to galleries as well as enjoy myself (such a good student).

CM: What is your spirit animal?

BM: I'm not sure what my spirit animal is, I've never really thought about it before. Apparently according to the internet it might be a butterfly which I guess makes sense. "sensitive to your personal cycles of expansion and growth, as well as the beauty of life’s continuous unfolding"

CM: Do you believe in magic?

BM: I don't believe in magic. I believe everything happens for a reason however. Everything that we experience shapes us as a person. Fate is still something I'm not too sure on though.

See more of Beth's work on her website and Instagram

Interview by Barbara Bazso @flygirlbarb