‘1 of 3’ is the latest project from London rap aficionado Flowzart. I had a chat with him the other day to catch up on the motivations behind his music, creative processes, the Serotonin clique, and the importance of self belief.


COZY MAG: Firstly, what inspires you to make the kind of music you make?


Flowzart: I would say that when I started listening to music properly, when I got my laptop, I just wanted to download music and albums. So I downloaded hella music: RnB, soul, and grime etc. And then my interest started wandering and I started finding music that people like me shouldn't find. I wanted to be that guy who listened to different stuff, if I'm being honest. When you decide something like that, you listen to a lot of dope stuff so it's just a mixture of influences.


CM: And from the music you were listening to, you ended up making a trap sound.

FLO: I was just creating dark beats. Like, most of my stuff is in minor (key). So the trap influence is inevitable almost because of where I come from and it really connected with me ‘coz that energy courses through my veins, it makes me feel super saiyan!

CM: So the sound matches the tempo of your life and how you feel pretty much. And how do you want people to feel from listening to this tape? 


FLO: I want them sonically to be put into a dark world, like in a dark party room. With the first tape my initial thought was to bring out the darkness with the bass and for people just to have a party. But more centred on yourself, like you’re turnt up by yourself.


CM: I definitely feel you on that; it's the kind of music I can listen to in the morning to get me revved up for the day.


FLO: Ye it's like let’s go, let's get this.


CM: And what was your favourite track from the tape?


FLO: My personal fave is ‘Role’. Firstly, I love it when my songs are quick to make. The beat was made in the evening. I was with Miles, we’d just came back from somewhere and it was pretty late, and we made it with no drums but when the process is right it's just perfect. It makes me feel like I'm rolling through a forest, I’ve got fond memories of making that tune.


CM: Delving into the story of ‘Role’, for me it's very much about you believing in yourself. What does the song mean to you?


FLO: The main message of it is: do you. It makes me happy to chill, smoke weed, and make music. So the main message is be yourself, don't sell yourself out for all the shit life throws at you. If you like smoking weed and partying then do you and enjoy it. It’s about not doing what you don't wanna do. There might be a time when I don't wanna smoke weed no more. There comes a time when everyone wants to change shit but for now I'm doing me.


CM: That's dope. And I think there's an underlying message that says be great, and don't compromise on your dream.


FLO: There's no such thing as plan b for me, I don't know what that is. It's crazy not knowing how you're going to do something but knowing you're going to fulfill it.

 Infallible self-belief. So I guess we got more music to look forward to?


FLO: Ye, in 2016: ‘2/3’ and ‘3/3’ are coming out, and then one follow up project. So pretty much, 2 EPs and a mixtape and hella videos.


CM: How do you find all the time to do all this?


FLO: Day to day obviously man needs to make p to fund this stuff. But I ain't trying to be spending time doing what I don't want to do, my body doesn't allow me to do stuff I don't love. Like, literally. I just spend most of my time making music, and living, chilling with my homies, and being OK.


CM: The name Serotonin is closely associated with what you do, who's in the clique and what’s it all about?


FLO: Serotonin is a collective of dope ass people. It's my boy Miles Francis who's a producer, Cadet who’s a producer and crazy MC, Adima who's like a film guy and he sings and produces as well, he does everything. We got Jaja Kisses, no introduction needed. And there's Angelic The Slick, it's a mad name but he's a dope ass guy. Then there's Shomokeh, she's a producer and she's basically like the mum of the group. There are so many members! Hold tight Rob, Gaps, Ata, Leon Mon, and Ugo. Sorry if I forgot anyone else.


CM: And I'm assuming more there's a lot more music to come from the whole team?


FLO: Ye, we're planning a group project coming real, real soon.


CM: OK so for yourself, what are your ambitions and the impression you want to make next year?


FLO: I just wanna portray how I see London, and how my boys see London. I wanna rep all the dope people around me.


CM: Dope. Well I'll personally say I think your stuff is refreshingly authentic London trap, with a clear voice coming from someone who's working as hard as the bars suggest. Basically, you're busy! So final word, what do you wanna leave the people with?


FLO: It's mad cliché but literally, I just want to give you something that makes you happy. Make your craft your drug, love what you do and do it to the best of your ability.


CM: Dope. Go check the tape if you haven't already and stay locked for more fire coming your way.

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Interview by Ranako (@NarkiP)