Bristol based production duo GotSome (aka Adam Gorsky & Alex Holmes) sat down with us recently for a quick interview. Following the release of their latest track 'Vibe Out' featuring WIley, the duo began making waves online, with support from Nick Grimshaw, MistaJam and major tastemakers Thump and UKF.  The new remix of the track got our attention, mixed by Bristolian DJ Just Now, with a heavy 90s garage vibe.

CM: Tell us about how you guys met and came to be GotSome?


ALEX: We both grew up in Bristol, so have kind of known each other for ages. I'd been away studying film music, then came back to Bristol and helped add some strings to a hip hop track that Adam was working on.

ADAM: Yeah, it just grew from there really. We've been working together for the last 10 years on various projects and have written a lot of music in that time. It's good because we know how each other work now. We'll have battles in the studio about little things like the volume of a snare drum, but it's happened so many times that we generally know when to back down as the other person is right! 

ALEX: We started GotSome about a year and half ago, with a focus on writing straight up dancefloor belters; tracks that Adam could take DJing on the weekend and do some damage.


CM: What’s the Bristol club scene like?


ADAM: It's changed a lot from when we first started going clubbing, but it's in a really healthy place right now. We've actually started a homegrown Bristol night with New York Transit Authority, Jus Now, Jon from Trap Magazine and James from Bristol club night Wide Eyes, called Who Cares?? It's a monthly event where we have a residents list of 15 amazing local acts alongside a big special guest, who all come and play unannounced. It's still quite new, but has seen queues around the block as people are excited to come and see new and established talent. 

ALEX: There's also the in:Motion series at Motion Skate Park, which has gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years. We remember raving there when they used to still have all the ramps up, but now it's developed into one of the biggest and best clubs in Bristol, with big line-ups similar to Fabric and Warehouse Project.

CM: How did the remix of Vibe Out come about?


ALEX: We're good friends with Sam from Jus Now and did a remix of Tun Up for them last year. He actually got in touch after hearing the track and really wanted to put his spin on it. As we expected, he didn't disappoint!

ADAM: The reaction was amazing. Even without the vocal we knew it was something special. Our management and MTA then sorted the hook up with Wiley, and he wrote his bars to add the icing on the cake.

ALEX: Although they're not on the main package, there are also two more great remixes from ToyBoy and Robin, and Sui Generis which you can check out on the MTA Soundcloud page. After you've heard your version of a track a thousand times whilst you're working on it, it's really interesting to hear someone take it in a completely different direction. We love to do remixes for other people for the same reason; To see how we can re-frame what they've already done.


Listening to both versions of Vibe Out is a unique experience. What inspired the concept for the original version?


ALEX: Not sure what the inspiration was, but Adam actually tapped out the bass-line on his laptop on the kitchen table. Maybe he'd just eaten a particularly good sandwich! He then brought it to the studio and we added a load of layers and developed it into a full instrumental so we could test it out on the road.


What’s the process like when you’re both working together?

ALEX: We'll both come up with little initial ideas then bring them into the studio to develop further. My skills lie in engineering and arrangement, whereas Adam has a knack for knowing what works best on the dance floor. We also like to work with other artists and musicians where possible, particularly songwriters to add in some different flavours.


CM: Where do you both draw your inspiration from?


ADAM: My roots lie in hip hop and RnB, and also in classic 90s house, garage and jungle, but these days I try and listen to as many different styles as possible.

ALEX: I love all that stuff too, but lean more towards the electronic side of things. I grew up listening to the synth pioneers of the 90s, and love modern techno and acts like Modeselektor and Jon Hopkins.


CM: Are you performing any festivals this summer?


ADAM: We're playing quite a few such as Disclosure and Rudimental's new festival Wild Life in Brighton, Love Saves the Day in Bristol and Hideout in Croatia. 

ALEX: Yup. It's going to be a busy summer!


CM: Are there any upcoming Eps/albums which fans can look forward to?


ADAM: Look out for our next release which is out on the 13th of April on Defected and features vocals by Alice Russell. We've also got more music coming on MTA later in the year.


CM: Where do you guys see yourselves in the near future?


ALEX: The pub?! …And mostly in the studio working on new material with a range of artists and singers. We have a pretty good setup where we work in the studio together midweek, then Adam goes out on the road over the weekend to test out the tracks.

ADAM: Yeah, we've got a whole load of gigs lined up. I'm really looking forward to Snowbombing and Annie Mac's new festival in Malta. Looking further ahead to the coming years, we'd love to do a full live show at some point… and headline a stage at Glastonbury! ;)


Thanks again to GotSome for chatting with us! You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.


Listen to the JusNow remix of Vibe Out featuring Wiley below: