Jamz Supernova is a multi-talented DJ, host and pioneer in the up-and-coming scene of "Future" R&B, hip hop and more. As a tastemaker with a regular BBC 1Xtra show, Jamz' influence reaches new heights, seeing her perform at Glastonbury this year. We caught up with the London DJ to find out where it all began and more.


COZY MAG: Hey Jamz! Thanks for checking in with us, let's kick things off with a little background on yourself? Where did it all begin for you?

Jamz Supernova: Hey Cozy, I think it definitely all started for me in college at the BRIT school and being introduced to a radio studio for the first time!  Shortly after that I began an intern at BBC radio 1xtra which I never left,  alongside a show on Reprezent.


CM: Have you always wanted to forge a career in music?

JS: Yeah from an early age, I was made aware that I couldn't sing despite not for lack of trying lol so decided to investigate other jobs in music that didn't require singing!

CM: Where did the name "Supernova" come from?

JS: I was trying to think of a Twitter name and my little brother had left my around one of his space books! My mum still thinks it's a silly name!

CM: What is your favourite thing about working in Radio?

JS: I love the pace of radio! You can go into the studio with a blank page have a quick brainstorm & execute your ideas during the show.

CM: We loved your radio showcase on the future of R&B! How do you see the genre developing as time goes on?

JS: Thank you! I think R&B is in a really strong place. It's back to being cool & I think as more people experiment with the sound & draw other influences it can only flourish.

CM: Who are some of your favourite artists out at the moment?

JS: I love Mura Masa, he's going to be huge! NAO is amazing! The Internet's latest album has been on repeat! Julio Bashmore, Jamie XX, Dornik have also delivered brilliant albums this year! And watch out for Salute & wiz kid Oshi looking forward to watching them both grow over the next 12 months!

CM: Do you think that the "future" category of R&B and Hip-Hop will ever make it to the mainstream of music? Do you think the sound is pushed enough by the large media outlets?

JS: I think it's already happening! If you look at some of the remix packages of mainstream artists floating around! Most recently Fwdslxsh on the official remix of Rita Ora which I premiered on my show *cough* *casual plug sorry* but in all serious that's huge!  You got people like Drake taking interest in Soulection & even Kanye West working with Cashmere Cat! It's happening & I couldn't be more proud!


CM: Do you ever feel that you have more going against you being a female in the music industry? Is it harder to earn respect as a DJ/woman in the industry?

JS:  I don't - I have many fellow female DJ friends & we've never discussed how hard done by we feel! I'm sure there are a minority of small minded individuals in the industry I have yet to come across! I'll be waiting for them at the door!


CM: How was Glastonbury this year! Were you nervous at all?

JS: Glastonbury was the craziest experience of my life!!! I loved every moment! I was so nervous for the first gig, I was like bambi in headlights! But after I played my last track I was like "can I go on again" it's a brilliant festival. Fingers crossed I'm back next year!


CM: What are your plans for your future career? Do you have any upcoming projects?

JS: I'd love to carry on growing my DJ'ing between fashion, festivals & clubs! I'm also still very much working on my Future Bounce brand which is music platform pioneering up & coming future producers! I also have my club night with my mates EDIT LDN, so looking forward to growing that. Plus I'm hoping to do a few visual documentaries!

Be sure to check out Jamz' 1xtra show, Saturdays 4-7pm, and follow her on Twitter & Soundcloud