Almost everyone has had one of those super-late nights where you find yourself lost in a deep, musical black hole with having absolutely no recollection of how you got into these 808s and euphoric vocals.

Finding La Soülchyld’s soundcloud felt like striking gold and after listening to his newest release, Cellphones, I knew I had to speak to him.

COZY MAG: Let’s start off a bit easy, tell us a bit about yourself!  

La Soülchyld: My name is Donald Otim but people know me as La Soülchyld. I also have another persona called Maui Moon where I sing and rap.

I am from Rwanda & Uganda, my dad being Rwandan and my mum being Ugandan. I moved to the UK in 2009 and I am now in my second year of University pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Music Production. I have been producing music since I was 17, just making beats for my friends and other people who liked my production.

CM: La Soülchyld is such a distinctive name, where did it come from?

LS: When I was looking for a producer name I decided to go for one I felt represented me. I have always had a love for soul music and felt that no matter what genre one makes, it can still have soul in it. So I decided to call myself the Soulchild but instead written as “ La Soulchyld”.

I should have made it  “Le Soülchyld” because some people think I am a Female Producer because of the ‘La’ Haha, but it is all good. The final touch was the Ü, which is meant to be a smile and its just a way of saying that as La Soülchyld I am happy and I enjoy making music.

CM: How would you describe your sound?

LS: I’m not too sure how I’ d describe my sound at the moment. Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot just trying to use my own voice as a sample rather than hoping a song I want to use has an acapella version. 

When people message me they tend to comment on my 808s and drums which I love and have been perfecting thanks to my friend Kalo, who taught me a few things here and there.

CM: Who do you look up to in music the most, right now?

LS: J. Cole because he is my favourite rapper; Frank ocean & Ty Dolla Sign because they are my favourite singers and J-Louis of Soulection who is my favourite producer. 

CM: What was the first piece of music (or project), that made you want to start making music?

LS: The project that made me want to become a producer was called Come As You Are by Audio Push. The production by Hit-boy & his HS87 team just blew my mind on how detailed it was. Then to add fuel to the fire their group HS87 dropped an album called We The Plug a year later, after that I decided to study music production at A-level which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things about production.

CM: What is your creative process is like?

LS: In the past I used to start off my production by playing certain chords, then I would add trap drum patterns over them, then after I’d add some old school R&B or Soul tracks vocals over them. Now I am trying to implement different things in my music like Brazilian drum samples, African vocal samples, African drum patterns, looping certain classical piano chords & using my own voice. 

CM: Could you describe what Forte Dreams is? How did this team come together?

LS: Forte Dreams is an idea I developed back in 2013 to create a collective that has talented producers & artists that make beautiful music. I wanted to find a group of musicians that give out wonderful energy and make listeners really enjoy and feel the soul the artists put in their music.

Some of the artists I searched for on Soundcloud and the others that came to me were interested with the vision I had for the collective. With the team I have, I can honestly say I am on my way to achieving my goal. We all work very hard and we give 100% in what we do and it can easily be seen in the work we produce. 

CM: Your sound is amazing and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next, what can we expect from you in 2017?

LS: Thank you! I plan to release a project called LSCHYLD. I recently released Tell Me w/ RIVR & Cellphones both tracks are from that project. I might also have some free tracks I will drop before that and some collabs on the way. 

As for my persona Maui Moon, 2017 will see me dropping more projects which I would like to keep confidential, but you will surely be hearing from all of us big time!

The team have already been busy releasing music:

Dylan Echo who is a talented soulful singer/rapper/producer released his beautiful project ‘SEPTEMBER25TH’ which is on his soundcloud right now and is already working on his second project which he hopes to release on Fathers day.

Jordo Avo is another talented singer/rapper and a monster of a songwriter. He has a few songs on the way & is working on a project.

Rivr who is a phenomenal producer has a track out on his soundcloud with yours truly titled Voyage & is working on a project with Neguim.

Kalo who is an amazing producer just released a track called When you dance & plans to release more music & last but not least Bellis who is a insane producer has been collaborating with a bunch of artists and plans to drop music soon & hopefully do a few shows. 

CM: So it’s safe to say we shall be hearing a lot from Forte Dreams in 2017! And we can’t wait. Thank you Donald, for speaking with Cozy!

LS: Be sure to keep up with Forte Dreams on Soundcloud.

By Taylor-Dior Rumble @taylordiorr