There is a tendency with artists to remain anonymous and exist behind a logo, to not put a face to a project and just allow their identities to remain as shadows of the early hours of the morning. A time when many will still be shuffling their feet in basements and warehouses, allowing their heartbeats to race at 130 BPM beats of the latest bangers, with no thought to who is behind the music - just allowing the moment to transport them elsewhere. 

In recent years we’ve had an increase in some of these artists making their mark through commercial avenues, such as BBC Radio spot plays and major label signings. One of the acts to have successfully achieved this in the last few months is a collaborative duo Shakecraft & Kamereon, who recently released their single “Sweat” via Nothing Else Matters - the label under Sony that was established by Radio 1 Dance’s very own Danny Howard.

We caught up with the two mysterious London-based artists to discuss their influences, their anonymity and what they have planned in the coming months.

Cozy Mag: How did the pair of you meet?

Shakecraft: I contacted Kameren who I met a couple of years ago. We wanted to do a record together - nothing specific, just to get in and see where the energy takes us.

CM: What are your favourite places to go clubbing as a punter in London?

Kamereon: I’ve always liked Egg - it’s a proper club, there aren’t many of them left now. I used to like Fabric, and some of the haunts in Dalston (The Nest goes off).

S: I still think Ministry is a wonderful place and perhaps one of the last ones standing (it holds great memories, most other ones have sadly closed down).

CM: How about your favourite place to get away from it all in the city?

S: Studio is my getaway

K: Yeah, and Hampstead Heath gives me a bit of calm when I need it.

CM: Where else in the world have you been that had a great nightlife scene?

K: Ibiza was first. Other special scenes for me are Tokyo, Rotterdam, Bali… They’re all so different, fresh and buzzing. 

S: Ibiza, Miami, Russia, France - there are so many amazing places where people appreciate and enjoy great music and nightlife.

CM: What’s your favourite gig you’ve ever played?

S: Has to be the Paris Techno parade, it was a nerve wrecking 400,000 crowd. Amazing gig.

K: A private warehouse party recently in London - we made history and a lot of sweat ;)

CM: Who do you look up to in electronic music the most right now?

S: Everyone contributes something - it’s more of which records I like than which artists.

K: Green Velvet, Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, Paul Woolford, Claude VonStroke, Eats Everything, and Kevin Saunderson.

CM: Why have you taken the decision to remain anonymous thus far in your career?

We wanted to keep the focus on the music, especially to begin with. We didn't start with an agenda; the whole process has been organic. We will let the music do the talking for now, but if people want to see us perform live they can.

CM: Do you think there’s too much focus on artists as personalities? Do you use social media much?

K: It’s good to get recognition as an artist but my love of house and techno was based only on the music. A lot of it it was faceless, you have to dig to find out who’s behind it, and I like that mystery.

S: We use social media but as a vehicle to promote the music rather than selling a personality.

CM: Where do you hope to be with your music in 5 years time?

K: Looking out of my studio at a beautiful scene, a few discs on the wall and a lot of air miles ;)

S: Having more sex on the beach and making even greater records.

‘Sweat’ was released on Nothing Else Matters on 8th July.

Stream ‘Sweat’ below!

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