Norwegian producer and DJ Sonny Alven chats about his new single Give Me Your Lovin, which follows on from the Hype Machine no.1 single California Girls. Sonny also gives us an insight into the collaboration with Una Sand who provides her amazing vocals on the track as well as his personal highlights of a hugely successful year and what he has planned for 2017. If 2016 is anything to go by, we can only expect bigger and better things. 

COZY MAG: You’ve just released your new single Give Me Your Lovin - can you tell us a little bit about it and the process behind it?

Sonny Alven: Yes, Give Me Your Lovin is a track I wrote together with Temmpo and Una Sand. We had a lot of fun in the studio drinking some beers and writing. Suddenly we had a song and I took it home with me to finish up the production. 

CM: Would you describe your style of music as tropical house? What is it that you most enjoy about the genre?

SA: I wouldn't necessary describe my sound as tropical house. I look at tropical house as more the pan flute thing, which I don't really use. I always make the music that I feel like making, so as a result from that I've done different stuff. I find it really hard putting my music in just one genre, and to be honest I don't really think about genres anymore. 

CM: How did the collaboration with Una Sand come about?

SA: She recently signed a record deal with Universal Music, where we have the same A&R. We met at a party sometime in the summer, and suddenly we were in the studio together. The collaboration just fell naturally in place I guess.

CM: You’ve been playing gigs across Europe and the U.S - what’s been your most memorable experience and why?

SA: When I was supporting Kygo on his European tour earlier this year, I’d say the gig in Munich stood out. The crowd was just really great, and it was such a cool venue. I also played at a festival called Bergenfest in my hometown this summer. I had a lot of family and friends there, which was just super awesome. Those shows are definitely in my top 3 gigs of the year. 

CM: Do you have any exciting dates coming up where you’ll be playing the new single out to fans?

SA: Actually right now I'm taking a break from playing, to focus more on writing new music. Then hopefully there will be a lot of new dates later this year. 

CM: What can we expect from Sonny Alven in 2017?

SA: More music!! And also I hope to do more gigs in Europe and America. Maybe even Asia? That would be fun! 

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