So we're back (as promised) with the first in our in-depth features with each of the amazing artists who performed live for us at the COZY show back in January. The first is London based rapper itsNate, who brings us a visual for his new track Maintain. The track dropped a couple of weeks ago, and features production from Nate's long time collaborator, J.D Reid, and is directed by Armin OG. Maintain is a forceful reminder of Nate's flow and the power of his pen. He's not one to be forgotten when it comes to the UK rap scene, and we're sure you'll be hearing more from him soon. Check it out below!

We sat down with Nate after the COZY show to ask him a few questions, not to mention capturing his standout performance at the Jazz Cafe, courtesy of our friends at CHILD studio.

COZY MAG: When did you first realise music was something you wanted to do? 

ItsNate: I always was around music when I was younger my friends were all music heads, producing putting me into songs artists etc, it was only during uni when I had a lot of time to myself I started articulating my thoughts in songs and music.

Still I shyed away from it a bit , then I came back into London and really started focusing on it and that focus continue to grow... Then before you knew it was putting out tapes, songs, videos and all that. Now here we are.

COZY MAG: What has been your favourite performance to date?

ItsNate: Warming up for skepta in Dubai 2016 was next level. 


COZY MAG: Who would you most like to perform with?

ItsNate: If we talking share the stage I just want to be there with my SLOCAL brothers. 

COZY MAG: Ok... and your dream collaboration?

ItsNate: I get asked this a lot and give a different answer each time because there's so many people I want to work with. But I really want to work with 9th wonder he's made a lot of my favourite beats. And working with Anderson paak or Dornik would be very cool. 

COZY MAG: And what can we expect from you in the future?

ItsNate: More music ...




For more, follow Child Studio here.
Artwork by Sam Lloyd