After just releasing his acclaimed Four Miles Further EP earlier this year, Nick Brewer returns with the first track off his forthcoming EP ‘Warning Light’. Jet Li offers something more uptempo in contrast to his previous EP, which is much more mellow – delivering a sound with more of a punch, as the name suggests.

Jet Li could be considered House meets Grime meets Rap, it has sounds of each of these genres whilst still managing to appeal to each crowd. The intro to the track sounds like a Grime track of old but then it transitions to a House vibe at 0:44.

Nick Brewer displays his lyrical dexterity and versatility, it’d be hard for people to forget him, as he states on the track. Things are certainly on the rise for Nick after collaborations with Little SimzJP Cooper and George the Poet. Nick closes out the year as one of the hottest prospects coming out of the UK.

The Warning Light’ EP will be available on iTunes, for pre-order, from the 23rd of October. Enjoy the track below.

Words by Jesse (@MarvinsCorridor)