When a friend sent me the Leather Corduroys album, I had no idea what to expect- But from the jump, their latest project definitely sounded like something I could vibe to. Once I listened to the whole album, it was clear that this couldn’t have dropped into my lap at a better time. 

As the tracks of 2014 on my iTunes were becoming tired and overplayed, I was looking for something fresh for my ears. Leather Corduroys delivered one hell of an album to do just that. A band with clear musical influences that align with my own personal taste-I listened to the Leather Corduroys and I heard Outkast, Kanye, The Beastie Boys, a hint of funk, and a whole dash of 90s dog pound-esque gangsta rap. 

SAVEMONEY’s Joey Purp & KAMI came together to form Leather Corduroys in what was not just a musical collaboration, but a creative partnership between best friends, which is something you can hear in the music. 

Their unique personalities and sense of style only support the fact that these guys aren’t just another set of rappers to come out of Chicago (although even that wouldn’t be such a bad thing given all the Chicago talent we saw come to light in 2014), but there are some clear Los Angeles, New York and Detroit sounds that come through in the music, along with a whole lot else.

The guys seem to have taken inspiration from a whole variety of music, and somehow managed to create something new all together, with each track sounding very different from the next and yet maintaining a sense of fluidity.

COZY MAG's Favourite Track(s)

1) The Elton John inspired Rocket Man, the production is just too dope on this. 

2) Developers. A track that hits you with that Beastie Boys vibe as I mentioned. It always excites me to hear an unexpected sound and this certainly was it for me. 

3) I Told You So, this is the first track on the album and rightfully so. It sets the scene for the rest of the album, without doing too much. Chance’s adlibs on the track are awesome too. 

4) Badmon. This is a really fun track with a really nice juxtaposition between the vocals and the beat. 

In a bold move, the duo decided to drop the album in one release- A play that feels like more of an expression of creative freedom rather than anything else, and reminiscent of their fellow SAVEMONEY artist, Vic Mensa with his release of Innanetape back in 2013. I have a good feeling about these guys, and with the drop coming at the start of 2015; They’ve given the youth something fresh and new to take in at just the right time. 

Stream the full album here and let us know what you think. 

Follow Leather Corduroys here:

TWITTER: @Kamidechukwu @JoeyPurps

SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/leather-corduroys

WEBSITE: www.leathercorduroys.club


Words By Neela (@Foxyneela)