The designer duo hailing all the way from South Korea are back again in London for their second season at Fashion Scout, after winning the prestigious Merit Award last year for their SS15 collection. 

The creative direction behind their brand derives from both Gyo Kim and Yuni Choe’s passion and love for environmental issues, social problems and animal cruelty, which makes up their design philosophy; “Respect love and nature”, which offers up an interesting contrast when comparing that to their AW15 collection.

Entitled The Thanatos Expedition, Kim and Choe tell the tale of the afterlife explorers by combining the image of astronauts and their muse, the Mongolian Shaman. Merging the two together represented the duo’s feelings about how modern day science and technology dismisses spirituality and humanity- as they feel that however people choose to explore science, they should always respect life and nature – like Mongolian Shamans do.

The combination of astronauts and something like the Mongolian Shaman, which to some, can seem quite primitive when compared to the likes of NASA, are beautifully married together within the garments of the collection. Modern silhouettes of coats, culottes and capes were created in quite conservative materials such as Tweed but at the same time embellished with colourful fringing and tassels made of multi-coloured thread, faux fur and ribbon giving a modest nod to the traditional clothing of the Mongolian Shaman’s.

At the show's grand finale, came a sea of gasps and even more hovering iPhones than before, a model stormed through the catwalk in a space helmet with added horns. At first glance, it certainly looked bizarre and totally grabbed everyone’s attention instantly, but after looking more into the meaning of the collection and the Mongolian Shamans, this piece is a true embodiment of combining both modern day science and technology with the oldest practised religion in Asia; showing us all that perhaps both spirituality and science can come together in harmony.

Words & Images by Taylor-Dior Rumble (@XO_TDR

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