London has always been a hub for fashion which has lead many individuals to push against the grain to create their own style identities which have in turn developed into renowned independent brands. Camden, Hackney and Portobello Road are just a few examples of hot spots with an effervescent fashion scene that’s always eager and open for a new kid on the block.

And so it’s a pleasure to introduce Lowkiee to folk and as the name suggests, its a brand quietly building a reputation that’ll be undoubtable before long. And who better to speak to than the founder herself, Sam Kavanagh to give us an insight into Lowkiee’s foundations and future.

COZYmag: How did the idea for the brand begin?

Sam (Lowkiee):  The idea stemmed from my passion for music, I wanted to create a music blog under the name 'lowkeybass' but after a failed attempt and having to start university the idea got back benched. The idea never left my mind though so in my second year of university I tweaked it and BAM! Lowkiee was born!


CM: So was the university environment and/or the lifestyle of being a student key to honing your vision for Lowkiee?

S: The whole university student experience did kind of play a big role. I met so many creative inspiring people which got me to explore different creative avenues. I never actually studied fashion or a media/music related course but for fun, creative things were my go to apart from going out haha!

CM: What then is the current status and direction of Lowkiee? 

S: Lowkiee started and still is a fashion brand, but we prefer to use the label 'lifestyle brand' as our aim is to be involved with more than just clothes. For example we set up our own YouTube channel where we showcase up and coming musicians.

CM: How does Lowkiee define itself from the contemporary fashion landscape?

S: I think we are a pretty original brand, we don't like to be defined by a box. There are no limits, there are no boundaries and that's just how we want it to be when we produce our garments or any other material. If we think something looks or feels or sounds cool, it works! And I think that defines us from other brands, our brand is more than just about clothes, it's about a lifestyle.

CM: And how has the brand’s reputation spread so far?

S: Mainly through online marketing, across social media, blog articles and advertisements. And of course through word of mouth and a lot networking!

CM: What plans have you got to expand the brand in the future?

S: Future plans consist of an expansion on our video blog, "LowkieeTV", with interviews and other creative videos. We've really wanted to host some gigs or events too but that's not going to happen until next year but events are definitely in the pipelines.

Also expect an update to our website and an expansion of our product range, more variety in headwear for example as bucket hats have been in serious demand as well as beanies. And hopefully some long sleeve tees and tote bags.


It doesn’t take long to tell that Sam is a woman on a mission and a creative mind who understands that diversification is key to extending the reach of a brand. So be sure to check out Lowkiee and stay locked for more updates on the new products, videos and events that they’ll be bringing to the fore.

-- Words by Ranako (@NarkiP)

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