Future Beats Records has hit the mark yet again with their first release of the year, a debut EP from beatmaker Soundpalette. 

Soundpalette, who hails from Maryland, USA- brings us a perfectly constructed selection of tracks that just ooze chill. Sentience begins with "Cloudbound", a personal favourite that is more of an experience than just a track. Another favourite that follows closely is Flow, with great vocals and bassline. However, it's Diamonds & Pearls that is the standout track on this EP. It starts with a heavy drum pattern, the type that you can't really help but bop along to. Throw in the sampling, synth layers and of course, the bass- and you've got something special.

According to Future Beats, conceptually, Sentience is defined as "the ability to experience sensations" - this was a concept that played a strong theme in the construction of the EP, and the way each track works off the one prior to it is a testament to this. The experience starts here... 

Listen Below.


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