There aren't many UK based artists that are making real hip hop. And often in arguments with my American friends, I'm told that we as Brits just can't pull it off. It frustrated me, as someone who loves the genre so much, so I went to a "UK hip-hop" festival this year in England. The result?  I was far from blown away by what I saw. This wasn't hip hop. This was an (albeit interesting) sub-genre of hip hop consisting more of angry white boys rapping than anything with soul.

I couldn't feel the beats like I do with Kendrick, or J.Cole. There were a few exceptions, like Skinnyman and Foreign Beggars for example- but still, I was missing the boom-bap, dilla-esque sound that I grew up listening to. Where are all the soulful hip hop artists in the UK? I wondered. And then I found them. 

Introducing OthaSoul, a soulful hip hop group born and bred in Camden town, a hub for musicians in London. OthaSoul performed at the first ever COZY MAG event, and we've backed them ever since. With all three members on production, and a deep musical knowledge and respect for hip hop that I've never seen before. these guys are legit. After a performance at bestival last year, a hit track with Tom Misch and supporting hip-hop legend Pete Rock, OthaSoul have slowly been making waves in the scene, but none like their latest project, The Remedy. 

After a year in the making, The Remedy is OthaSoul's debut project, with features from Tom Misch, Knytro, Jelani Blackman, Poppy Ajudha, the soulful Chany, and Clean Bandit's Nikki Cislyn. The album features Louis VI on the talkbox, aswell as the incredible bassist Paul Wale.

Check out the album below: 

The Remedy is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud