An element of ItsNate music has always been about providing a scathingly honest, maybe even cynical, evaluation on his environment. However, in conjunction with his piercing perspective is a relentlessly aspirational mantra underpinned by a infallible dedication to hard work – all of this can be succinctly explained as Slocal.

Airheads, continues in the thought provoking monologue we’re used to from Nate. He skates on top of a spacey blend of ambient boom bap production with punchy poetic flows. In an age where vacuous rap has never been so celebrated, Nate gives us direct messages to meditate on - sheer perseverance, the sweetness of winning in style and staying aware of supporters paying lip service are topics not just relevant to rap but things to consider throughout all aspects of life.

It goes without saying the visuals for Airheads are icey! London is painted in a calm light, careful consideration and appreciation of small circles being what shines through. Stay locked for much more from ItsNate and the Slocal camp.

Review by Ranako Daley (@upallnitedaily)