COZY Review: 8/10

Tom Odell’s triumphant return to music is just that - a triumph. The 11-track project opens with the powerful and emotional ‘Wrong Crowd’, a track which sees us re-evaluating Odell’s clean cut image and revelling in a new party-lifestyle. As the project progresses into the second single ‘Magnetised’, the album becomes true, unadulterated POP - a concept which seems a little alien when compared to Odell’s first offering 'Long Way Down'. 

Stand-out tracks include the more familiar acoustic-led sounds of ‘Constellations’; but also the toe-tapping ‘Here I Am’. Steeped in whiskey and smoke covered tones, the album is a new Tom Odell, but parts of his old sound can’t help but peer through the music cracks. 

If there is a downfall, the album plays it safe - and gives us music which is hard to find criticism with. Is this really a bad thing? No… it’s an album perfect for the Summer, long journeys, and a walk down the beach. Wrong Crowd is more than set to dominate the charts. Get your copy here. 

Check out the current single 'Concrete' below:

Review by Kat Anasa (@Kat_Anasa)