SELVSSE is a name many may have come across preceding Rituals but for others, this is a new insight into his world. Primarily an instrumental project, the release highlights the moods and influences inherent to Selvsse’s music and provides a bridge between his previous beat tapes, Nostalgia, Elevn and Slow Suicide. 

Throughout Rituals, an introverted narrative is intertwined with the music. A specialist at creating atmospheric experiences, Selvsse always allows the listener space to decide their own meaning when absorbing his art. However he includes select vocal chops to accentuate and explain the feelings that have catalysed the creation of Rituals.

Beginning with Be Tru, the principles of being true to oneself is put at the forefront as being core to getting the balance of life right. Next we delve into the depths of the bass driven world that has come to define Selvsse’s movement; Crown Shakra and Labelled, featuring JD Reid, both providing an alternative perspective on how heavy mediative and melancholy tones can be blended with bouncy dance elements.

Transitioning from the darker side of his sonic palette, Rituals flows into a more melodic and soulful space. Ndina masterfully showcase Selvsse’s control of mixing ethereal vocals with luxuriously layered sounds to create a sublimely smooth journey. And Mistakes, featuring Georgia Copeland, is another powerful example of the morals intertwined within Rituals’ story; it’s dynamic drops and elevatory build ups all helping to elevate the song's poignance.


Paradise in 8bit is another track that gives the listener an insight into the mantra of Selvsse. Remaining faithful to the dream, enduring the strife of the grind and remaining ever conscious of opportunity is the message of Paradise in 8bit and it’s a song that almost everyone aspiring to live their dream can relate to. The penultimate track of Rituals is The Way and it’s subtle mixture of down tempo bass under wavy synths creates a dreamy zone emblematic of Selvsse’s productions.

And closing Rituals is Where We Were featuring Mars Today. Effervescently ebbing and flowing, Where We Were is an undulating piece with an overwhelmingly uplifting feel. Ending the tape on a positive note is core to the experience of Rituals; the project punctuates the time and space that Selvsse is creating from, hence the spectrum of emotions showcased within it, but the final point is one of progressiveness and peace.

Download Rituals for free via Soulettiquette’s Bandcamp and stay locked for more visuals from Selvsse as he sheds more light on the stories behind Rituals.

Words by Ranako Daily (@NarkiP)

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